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Are you an Architect looking to specify GlassKote?

At GlassKote USA, we're passionate about change.  We champion new trends in interior design and we want to help visionary firms differentiate themselves in the market and make bold statements.

One of the most important design elements is color - which has been sadly lacking in the US glass industry.  While other countries have been making extensive use of color-coated (or backpainted) glass for 20+ years, the US has traditionally been more focused on a neutral color palette with tile or stone.  But design aesthetics have shifted with homeowners and commercial designers now favoring the attractiveness of clean-lines.  GlassKote offers a very low-maintenance, permanent finish that offers virtually unlimited vibrant color choices, special finishes like metallics and sparkles ... all available on smooth, etched or textured glass.  

GlassKote is highly durable with tempered glass options to ensure that it's resistant to heat shocks and extremely strong.  A glass surface is also very hygienic being non-porous and grout-free so that mold and germs can't take hold.

What makes GlassKote different?  Our process is tried and tested with installations dating back over 40 years.  The product is available in over 30 countries worldwide with most applicators / fabricators offering a 10 year warranty.  GlassKote USA is committed to an environmentally friendly process free from harmful isocyanates, heavy metals or other red-listed materials.  Finally, our vibrancy of color, unlimited color choice and computer-controlled QA for color matching and color consistency delivers a quality product that is second to none.

We invite you to look through our gallery showing many of the applications for GlassKote to get a better feel for what can be accomplished. 


If you're considering specifying GlassKote for a project, please fill out the form below to receive a data sheet, 3-part specification or to request samples.  

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