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Commercial Interiors

The quality and appearance of a work or living space definitely impacts the mood and attitude of the people within. When it comes to commercial properties, the goal is to help employees work at peak performance levels and to attract customers to visit.

GlassKote provides key tools in controlling the look and feel of architectural interiors. The combination of the natural reflectivity of glass with the richness of color provided by GlassKote makes for very attractive, uplifting and functional environments. GlassKote also offers the advantages of a very long-lasting finish that won't age and wear like wood and other soft / porous materials, along with a surface that is impervious to moisture and doesn't harbor germs or mold.

GlassKote is used in commercial interiors for wall cladding, white boards / writing walls, elevator lobbies, elevator cabs, office partitions, flooring, entrances, feature walls, signage, furniture, reception areas, privacy panels, decorative elements, waterfalls... the only limit is one's imagination. 

And GlassKote panels can include multi-color graphics and text for corporate identity or other informational purposes. In fact, the new DigiKote™ process even allow full-color photographic quality digital images to be directly printed on the glass - permanently.

Glass elevator lobbies and elevator cabs make for a bright and clean look. Replace that old mirror surround with a GlassKote feature to really make an impression.

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