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Interested in using GlassKote glass for a project??

It's truly an incredible aesthetic. If you haven't seen it in person, you can't understand the fullness of color and sensational textures that are simply unmatched.

Add to that the inherent benefits of glass and you have a truly exciting opportunity to express yourself in your surroundings. Shape your environment the way you want it and make a bold statement for your house, your business or your building.

  • Durable

  • Easy to clean

  • Low maintenance

  • Over 10,000 colors

  • Sparkle & metallic effects

  • No size limitation

  • Non porous

  • Great for wet areas

  • No grout, no mold

  • Hygienic - no germs



Whether you're interested in a kitchen backsplash or a commercial interior, GlassKote has many applications that are growing every day. Please make sure you look at our gallery to see examples of how GlassKote has made a statement for others.

GlassKote is also a cost effective material. Add to that a 10-year guarantee and you have real value.

GlassKote is fabricated by applicators that are situated around the country.  The finished glass is installed in a similar fashion to mirror - using a silicon adhesive or mastic to attach it to a flat surface or using mechanical fasteners depending upon the design.  If you're interested in using GlassKote for a project, we recommend contacting local glass companies (glaziers) who normally install mirror and ask them to quote for measuring and installing GlassKote.  They would measure the project just as they would measure for mirror, send our applicator the drawings, the pieces would then be fabricated and sent to the glazier for installation. Please have your glazier contact us to receive a quote on the GlassKote panels and for installation details.

GlassKote also has a sister company that is an applicator in the Northeast US.  Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your project or get some guidance on how to find a local glazier for installation.

A Sampling of GlassKote Finishes

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