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Interested in painting glass / fabricating?

Do you own a glass or coating business?  Want to be able to fabricate your own backpainted glass using a product with the best track record in the industry?  You've come to the right place!

Normal paint doesn't adhere well to glass; it chips or flakes off and loses adhesion due to moisture in the air.  GlassKote chemically bonds with glass at a molecular level providing extremely strong adhesion; ASTM D4541 testing measured the pull-off adhesion strength at 2150 psi.  

GlassKote is fundamentally an additive that works with 2-part acrylic coatings such as urethanes, isocyanate-free urethanes and epoxies to securely bond to glass substrates.


GlassKote is available in three different ways:

  1. The raw GlassKote additive can be purchased and added to the paint of your choice to make it bond with glass.

  2. GlassKote USA has developed a 2-part isocyanate-free urethane in partnership with a large coating company, using very high quality pigments and with a very long pot-life and fast flash time; ideal for coating glass.  Pre-mixed colors can be purchased from our sister company, ColorKote CT, using computer controlled color matching and QA.

  3. Companies desiring to coat larger quantities can buy the full inter-mix coating system to mix your own colors, including computer controlled color matching technology.

Please use the form below to request further information to explore buying GlassKote and painting your own glass for architectural applications.

Request information about buying GlassKote to paint glass yourself

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