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Setting the Standard

for Color-Coated Architectural Glass



The GlassKote process is fundamentally a permanent, color-fixing / coating for glass.  Virtually any color can be produced using computer matching technology to assure quality.  A wide range of effects are available including metallics, sparkles, pearlescent, textures, graphics and even digital images.

GlassKote offers clean lines, an uncluttered and low maintenance aesthetic along with the benefits of a hygienic non-porous surface. 


GlassKote is perfect as a Glass Kitchen Backsplash, Countertops, interior wall cladding, signage, shower walls, bathroom vanity, elevators, decorate elements etc.  The applications are limitless.

GlassKote has the longest track record in the industry and is available in over 30 countries.  In light of the quality experience, most GlassKote fabricators provide a 10-year warranty against the coating failing or discoloring.

GlassKote USA offers GlassKote in several forms - with our premier coating being free of harmful isocyanates that are the basis of many other paint systems for glass.


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